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Express-Times Photo | MATT SMITH

Lehigh Valley Live
6-year-old entrepeneur meets with high school students


Students in the Warren Hills Regional High School business and marketing classes received a visit last week from an entrepreneur to discuss the development of his app. And when the presentations wrapped up, his parents drove him home.

WPMT Fox43
Happy Travels by Jack comes to FOX43


Most entrepreneurs are over the age of 18, but the developer of a popular new app is only five! Jack and his father Kenn stopped by today to talk about what they’re planning next.

HappyTravels By Jack | WPMT Fox 43

69 News at Sunrise | WFMZ 69 News

WFMZ 69 News
Six-year-old Sunrise guest & app inventor develops new show with sister


Jack and his sister Phoebe decided to try out a career in television, covering everything from the iPhone 6 to the Minecraft/Microsoft deal, with kid commentary to spice things up.

69 News at Sunrise | WFMZ 69 News

WFMZ 69 News
Local 6-year-old develops Happy Travels app


The Happy Travels App takes users on an adventure through the Bermuda Triangle and other places like rain forests, outer space, and under water, and the brain behind it all....belongs to a 6-year-old!

HappyTravelsByJack.Com | CBS Philly

CBS Philly
5-Year-Old Boy From Pa. Creates And Designs His Own App


Many kids play apps on their parents’ iPads or iPhones, but how many five-year-olds have actually CREATED their own dream app?

Northampton County 6 year-old creates app


A Northampton County boy's imagination is taking him on quite a journey. Thanks to what he's created, you can join the adventure.


"Watch this NewsWatch Minute to see what this little genius created!"


Jack was featured in NewsWatchTV's Daily Minute on July 25, 2014. His segment begins at 1:13.

Express-Times Photo | MATT SMITH

5-year-old brings imagination to life, creates mobile app Happy Travels


Jack's app can take you to the Bermuda Triangle, through a rain forest, into outer space, on a polar expedition, under the ocean and on an African safari. Not bad work for a 5-year-old.

Happy Travels By Jack

Five-Year-Old Game Designer Releases Happy Travels™ App for iOS, Android, and Kindle


Lots of five-year-old kids play video games, but at only five years of age, Jack already made one. Working with the help of Mommy (a graphic designer) and Daddy (a coder), Jack has created Happy Travels™, an app about an adventurer who visits exotic destinations in search of treasure chests filled with loot.

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